ButtonBar History

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Build 146: 
- really 10 buttons 
- runs better on NT 
- works really on non-german Windows 
-  more icons 
-  reduce to one pixel now works again immediately after activating 
- a new function for fast putting short strings to the clipboard 
- you can add new item directly to the end of the lists 
- more icons 
- you can choose the window-style also in the menu 
- you can use now application's icon directly 
- 'Browse...' works now too if there where a commandline-parameter 
- some problems with non-available net-drives fixed 
- after using the clipboard function the program is active that was active before
- export and import of all settings 
- the reduce-function now works always 
- the clipboard-function now works better with MS-Word 
- commandline-pararmeters work now 
- link to my homepage updated 
- in the textbox for the clipboard texte you can use the Enter-Key now 
- use of app's icon should work now always 
- Settings are now save immediately instead on closing
- Clipboard-Items now survive a registry export/import
- bar moves to the right when buttons exceed the screen on the left side
- clipboard entries of several lines can be edited again properly
- minor changes
- External icons are now listed sorted by filename
- Icons of EXE files are now found too if no path is specified
- minor changes
- Running programs will be found now by any part of their titlebar
- BBar can now start programs when itself is started and when it's closed (eg. on windows shutdown)
- small bugfix for export / import
- bugfix: main menu works again
- limit of clipboard menu items in the freeware version works now correct
- internal optimazions, EXE is 23KB smaller now
- import works now correct
- bugfix for Clipboard-Menu
- Running programs will be found now by the first or last part of their titlebar only
- Bugfix for 'Runtime Error 13' with build 170 on fresh installed Windows
- minor changes
- BBar can stay hidden on startup until the system seems to be idle (only with Win95/98)
- Bugfix: Program windows are found now again by the begin of the titlebar too
- Bugfix: Minimized programs that was maximized before are restored to maximized
- Bugfix for 'Runtime Error 13' again
- searching for icons for DOS programs now in its PIF file if it exists
- the buttonbar is now hold in the foreground a bit more aggressive - mail me if this makes trouble
- second Clipboard menu in BBar Pro
- Autostart- and close can be skipped by holding down the Shift key
- minor changes
- better help
- BBar can hold the Windows Taskbar on top too - useful when you have a program that pushes frorward themself again and again
- minor changes
- 'Autostart- and close can be skipped by holding down the Shift key' really works
- internal optimazions: EXE about 40K smaller (removed redundant code and internal icons saved in one RLE compressed bitmap)
- less consumption of Windows GDI ressources (all buttons together are made with a single bitmap instead of two per button)
- soft effects more soft :-)
- a lot of bugs :-(
- Bugfix (178): Icons from programs (App's Icon) work again
- Bugfix (178): Commandline with a folder opens this folder in a Explorer Window again
- EXE a bit smaller
- a bit less usage of Windows Ressources
- Bugfix (178): editing buttons sometimes BBar lost the stettings for title and icon
- Bugfix (178): Mousepointer stayed sometimes a hourglass
- Bugfix (178): useless Clipboard2 menu always visible in freeware version
- Bugfix (178): after adding a button the most right button got the icon of the menu button
- Bugfix (179): BBar set semself ontop in wrong situations, e.g. when a screensaver was running
- Bugfix (180): A click on the right half of a button triggert the next button
- Bugfix (180): Adding and removing buttons caused strange optical effects
- Bugfix (179): Import/Export caused strange effects
- Internal changes and small fixes
- new buttonheight 19 pixels
- last version made with VB4 (next with VB5)
- when the bar is wider than the screen BBar cuts now on left instead right
- small bugfix for import/export
- small bugfix for tooltips
- 'Stay on top' improved (Taskbar doesn't longer vanish): Either BBar lets the Taskbar in peace or it inserts itself behind the Taskbar in the 
hierarchy ofwindows
- less problems with color palette when Windows runs with 256 colors
- no more temporary files


- first 2.x version
V2.01 (Jan. 5)
- Bugfix: Crash when starting a nonexisting program from menu
V2.02 (Jan. 17)
- New: Free- and fullversion aren't longer separate
- Bugfix: Problems using an alternativ INI file
V2.03 (Jan. 19)
- Bugfix: An old limitation to 10 buttons was still active
V2.04 (Jan. 21)
- New: 'Hold Taskbar ontop too' improved
V2.05 (Jan. 23)
- New: Internal changes and maybe bugfixes
V2.06 (Feb. 15)
- Bugfix: somtimes overlooked change of the screen resolution
- New: consideration of system colors
- New: less problems in 256 color modes
- New: less problems with Windows setting 'Large Fonts'
- New: Workaround for grafik drivers that have problems handling large bitmaps
- New: fixed some cosmetic details
V2.07 (Feb. 22)
- Bugfix: option to fix problems with the main menu under Win98 
- Bugfix: GDI memory leak under Windows NT scrolling the icon list
- Bugfix: some dialogs wasn't set to foreground 
- Bugfix: imported settings wasn't saved immediately

V2.50 (May 9, 2000)
- New: submenus in the main menu
- New: icons in the menus
- New: serveral small enhancements and fixes
V2.51 (July 4, 2000)
- New: commandline can be an internet link
V2.52 (August 30, 2000)
- New: compiled with VB6 by default
- New: used compiler is shown in the info dialog
V2.53 (Oct. 2 2000)
- New: button separators
- New: option for 'Auto Paste' for clipboard items
- New: 'stay on top' improved
- New: 'stay on top' deactivated while a game runs
             please mail me if this doesn't work with a game
V2.54 (Oct. 8 2000)
- Bugfix: Internet links with "https://" work now
- Bugfix: fixed some minor issues
V2.55 (Nov. 8 2000)
- Bugfix: after closing games BBar scrolled sometimes away until it crashes

Using HTML list now...

V2.60 (Nov. 19 2000)

  • New: can find running insances of programs to start thru the commandline; a titlebar isn't longer needed. 16bit application under Windows NT4 and 2000 are exceptional. Here a titlebar is still needed. NT4 users need Microsoft's PSAPI.DLL
    Unzip it to SYSTEM32 or BBar's folder. You can find the PSAPI.DLL too on your NT4 CD or (better) a Service Pack CD. It's in \SUPPORT\DEBUG\I386.
  • New: windowstate of started program can be forced
  • New: environement variables like %WINDIR% are evaluated in commandlines
V2.61 (Nov. 20 000)
  • Bugfix: search for running programs started thru a BAT or PIF file didn't work
V2.62 (Nov. 21 2000)
  • Bugfix: search for running programs didn't work if LFNs in path
V2.63 (Dec. 3 2000)
  • Bugfix: search for running programs didn't work if parameters in commandline
  • New: can find running insances of 16bit programs in NT4 and Win2000 too
  • New: Flat buttons
V2.64 (Dec. 4 2000)
  • Bugfix: endless messages if PSAPI.DLL missing under NT4
V2.65 (Dec. 5 2000)
  • Bugfix: BBar not visible under certain circumstances
V2.67 (Dec. 9. 2000)
  • Bugfix: search for running programs didn't work under Windows 2000
V2.70 (Jan. 8 2001)
  • New: system wide hotkeys for all items
  • New: system wide hotkey for opening the main menu and hotkeys in the menu
  • New: activation of running program instances works with several instances by repeated clicks
  • New:  Autostart and Autoclose items can be shown in the main menu
V2.71 (Jan. 14 2001)
  • New: After Autopaste of clipboard items BBar restores the old clipboard contents partwise (Text, Richtext and EMF)
  • New: Output of a list of all hotkeys to the Windows Clipboard
  • New: Autopaste works with Hotkeys too that uses Alt or AltGr only
V2.72 (Jan. 20 2001)
  • New: Forcing of the windowstate of started programs works too if the main windows of the program isn't visible initially (e.g. Netscape 6)
V2.73 (Jan. 22 2001)
  • New: Workaround for crash of Outlock 2000 (and others maybe) when BBar sends a WM_PASTE message to its RichText20A text control on Autopaste of a clipboard item. Now BBar simulates a Ctrl+V keypress.
V2.74 (Feb. 2 2001)
  • Bugfix: Hotkey for opening the menu was lost when the Options dialog opens
  • New: Alphablend effects under Windows 2000
  • New: Behavior of the tooltips like standard tooltips of Windows (scroll and blend effcts)
  • New: Some optimations for Windows 2000
V2.75 (Feb. 14 2001)
  • Bugfix: New buttons added by external drag'n drop got a wrong icon and sometimes a wrong hotkey
V2.76 (Feb. 22 2001)
  • Bugfix: New buttons added by external drag'n drop caused destroyed buttons when using flat buttons
V2.80 (March 3 2001)
  • New: Clipboard items can be pasted without using the Clipboard (should I rename it?); Then you can simulate keystrokes which makes it possible to create small keyboard macros
  • New: Defining hotkeys, BBar warns if the hotkey is already used by another item
  • New: Drag & Drop can be disabled
V2.81 (March 11 2001)
  • Bugfix: In V2.80 crash when editing a button or menu item second time when option 'activate running program' is checked
V2.82 (March 14 2001)
  • Bugfix: Since V2.52 sometimes icon erased from buttons
V2.83 (March 15 2001)
  • Bugfix: Since V2.81 Clipborad items was pasted twice in some applications
V2.84 (March 20 2001)
  • New: Small fixes and improvements
V2.85 (March 30 2001)
  • New: 'Maximizer' function for 'open link in new window' in Internet Explorer and Netcape6
  • Bugfix: Hotkeys didn't work after cancel of the Options dialog
V2.86 (April 9 2001)
  • Bugfix: 'Maximizer' function doesn't longer work on windows without maximize button
V2.87 (April 16 2001)
  • Bugfix: Small fixes depending the window handling
V2.88 (April 24 2001)
  • Bugfix: Crash when the text of a clipboard item starts wiht a number > 2147483647
  • Workaround: MS-Outlook chrashed when BBar pasted text
V2.89 (May 3 2001)
  • Bugfix: Error caching more than 80 menu icons

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