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  Download previous releases (those without too serious bugs)

Version  Win32 ZIP Win32 MSI x64 ZIP x64 MSI
V4.8.9.8 usbdlm4898.msi usbdlm4898_x64.msi
V4.8.9.7 usbdlm4897.msi usbdlm4897_x64.msi
V4.8.9.6 usbdlm4896.msi usbdlm4896_x64.msi
V4.8.9.5 usbdlm4895.msi usbdlm4895_x64.msi
V4.8.9.4 usbdlm4894.msi usbdlm4894_x64.msi
V4.8.9.3 usbdlm4893.msi usbdlm4893_x64.msi
V4.8.9.1 usbdlm4891.msi usbdlm4891_x64.msi
V4.8.9.0 usbdlm4890.msi usbdlm4890_x64.msi
V4.8.8.8 usbdlm4888.msi usbdlm4888_x64.msi
V4.8.8.7 usbdlm4887.msi usbdlm4887_x64.msi
V4.8.8.5 usbdlm4885.msi usbdlm4885_x64.msi
V4.8.8.4 usbdlm4884.msi usbdlm4884_x64.msi
V4.8.6.0 usbdlm4860.msi usbdlm4860_x64.msi
V4.8.5.0 usbdlm4850.msi usbdlm4850_x64.msi
V4.7.3.2 usbdlm4732.msi usbdlm4732_x64.msi
V4.7.3.1 usbdlm4731.msi usbdlm4731_x64.msi
V4.7.2.0 usbdlm4720.msi usbdlm4720_x64.msi
V4.7.1.0 usbdlm4710.msi usbdlm4710_x64.msi
V4.7.0.0 usbdlm4700.msi usbdlm4700_x64.msi
V4.6.9.2 usbdlm4692.msi usbdlm4692_x64.msi
V4.6.9.1 usbdlm4691.msi usbdlm4691_x64.msi
V4.6.8.3 usbdlm4683.msi usbdlm4683_x64.msi
V4.6.8.2 usbdlm4683.msi usbdlm4683_x64.msi
V4.6.8.1 usbdlm4681.msi usbdlm4681_x64.msi
V4.6.7 usbdlm467.msi usbdlm467_x64.msi
V4.6.6 usbdlm466.msi usbdlm466_x64.msi
V4.6.5 usbdlm465.msi usbdlm465_x64.msi
V4.6.4 usbdlm464.msi usbdlm464_x64.msi
V4.6.3 usbdlm463.msi usbdlm463_x64.msi
V4.6.2 usbdlm462.msi usbdlm462_x64.msi
V4.6.1 usbdlm461.msi usbdlm461_x64.msi
V4.6.0 usbdlm460.msi usbdlm460_x64.msi
V4.5.9 usbdlm459.msi ---
V4.5.8 usbdlm458.msi ---
V4.5.7 usbdlm457.msi ---
V4.5.6 usbdlm456.msi ---
V4.5.5 usbdlm455.msi ---
V4.5.4 usbdlm454.msi ---
V4.5.3 usbdlm453.msi ---
V4.5.2 usbdlm452.msi ---
V4.5.1 usbdlm451.msi ---
V4.5.0 usbdlm450.msi ---
V4.4.2 usbdlm442.msi ---
V4.1.0 usbdlm410.msi --- ---
V3.4.2 usbdlm342.msi --- ---


The phone number is here because of the strange german law. Please don't call me, write an eMail instead.

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