UseDUN - Tool to use the Dialup Network of another computer in the local network
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This tool can start and close connections of the Dialup Network of Windows 95/98/ME on other machines in your local network - that's all.
It's made to be used with software like NAT32 , Sambar or WinProxy which makes it possible to access the internet from all machines in a local network thru a single Dialup Network connection.
With UseDUN you have the full control - there are no automatics.

UseDUN is a fast hack and made for two computers. It may work with more but I had never tested it. 


  Short manual
The computer with the modem or ISDN-Card I call 'server', the other 'client'.
I assume that the IP of the server is and the IP of the client is Please install WinProxy, NAT32 or whatever else first. If they work, UseDUN should work too.

On the server you have to start UseDUN with the parameter /server and an IP number from which it accepts commands (pure text compare 'from left' - no IP mask!):

usedun /server /192.168.1

Using these params it would accept commands from 192.168.1.x but also from 192.168.123.x.
You will not see anything - it waits in the background for a message from another UseDUN on an other maschine.

To close the previous started server use the parameter /close:

usedun /close

To create a DUN connection from a client you need the IP of the server, e.g. and the name of the DUN connection, e.g. "My Provider" (the qoutes are needed).
To connect:

usedun /connect:"My Provider" /

On the server you should disable 'prompt before dialing' in the DUN settings. If it is enabled somone has to confirm the connection on the server (Win9x). On NT4 and Win9x the password has to be saved for the connection even it's not so good for security...

And to disconnect:

usedun /disconnect /

The first found active DUN connection will be disconnected.


If you get an error message "runtime error 50003" or "31037", UseDUN tries to load a wrong version of the MSWINSCK.OCX. To ensure that UseDUN loads the OCX you got with it, create a link to the UseDUN.EXE with the folder of UseDUN as working directory.
If this doesn't help you can try to register the MSWINSCK.OCX manually using REGSVR32. Assuming UseDUN and MSWINSCK.OCX are in the folder C:\Program Files\UseDUN the command to register it is:


  What's New
-  first public version
- error message when server not ready
- status- and progress dialog on the client
- the IP of the client isn't longer needed when you start the server
- on disconnect a confirmaltion box appears on the server for some seconds
- can work as server on NT4 and Win2000
- can use connections that have spaces in their name
- parameter for IP addresses the server accepts connections from

  Conditions and Download
It's freeware. If you want to support me a bit, you can buy one of my other tools.

Download UseDUN for VB6 Runtimes:

Download UseDUN for VB5 Runtimes:


Last change: 11th Feb. 2006

Sorry for my poor English - corrections welcome.

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