USB Device Tree Viewer - History

  History up to V2.x
V2.6.1 (22 Feb 2016)
  • Bugfix: Limit of 32 root hubs removed
  • Bugfix: 'Other Speed Configuration' Descriptors was not read
  • New: Shows progress information in the status bar, when stuck giving a hint where
  • New: Getting Microsoft String Descritor 0xEE can be deactivated because it causes some devices to freeze. If in the Registry under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\UsbFlags\VVVVPPPPRRRR there is a osvc value != 0 then UsbTreeView reads it anyway because Windows already read it successfully. VVVVPPPPRRRR is a 12 digit hex value containing idVendor, idProduct and bcdDevice from the USB Device Descriptor
V2.6.0 (16 Jan 2016)
  • Bugfix: bRefresh field in endpoint descriptors of Audio 1.0 devices was not shown
V2.5.9 (29 Nov 2015)
  • Bugfix: Wrong warning about characters below 0x20 in some string descriptors
  • Bugfix: Delay on opening a Windows Device Manager device properties dialog removed
  • New: Decoding of Microsoft string descriptor 0xEE
V2.5.8 (04 Oct 2015)
  • Bugfix: Decoding of SuperSpeedPlus descriptor and some others fixed
V2.5.7 (30 Sept 2015)
  • New: New: Display SuperSpeedPlus in Connection Information V2 under Windows 10
V2.5.6 (27 Sept 2015)
  • Bugfix: String descriptors containing invalid characters where not shown at all
  • Bugfix: Crash when more that 64 ports per hub
  • New: On Windows 8 and 10 the Microsoft USB stack returns for USB devices running at SuperSpeed a Device Bus Speed of 0x02 (High-Speed). So far UsbTreeView faked it to 0x03 (SuperSpeed) as Microsoft's USBview does. Now the truely returned value is shown with a hint if it is not true.
V2.5.5 (01 August 2015)
  • Bugfix: Occasional crash after device safe removal or reactivation
V2.5.4 (28 July 2015)
  • Bugfix: Crash when more than 127 USB devices
  • Bugfix: Crash on H.264 WebCams
  • New: Shows Microsoft 0xEE string descriptor
V2.5.3 (22 June 2015)
  • New/Bugfix: USB Attached SCSI drives (UASPStor) shown with drive letter in the tree and in the drives combobox
V2.5.2 (10 June 2015)
  • New: Option to show the drive numbers in the tree, e.g. Disk3, CdRom1 etc.
V2.5.1 (21 April 2015)
  • Bugfix: Since V2.5.0 possible crash when getting a string descriptor
V2.5.0 (20 April 2015)
  • New: Audio 2.0 descriptors
V2.4.4 (11 March 2015)
  • Bugfix: Since V2.3.9 'S' and 'H' not shown on empty ports under Win8+
V2.4.3 (12 Dec 2014)
  • Bugfix: "Save Report from current Item" made a report of the selected item only
  • Bugfix: "Save Report from current Item" failed if the item name contains a character which is invalid in a file name
V2.4.2 (06 Dec 2014)
  • Bugfix: Wrong item order in the report
  • New: "Copy report from here" treeview context menu
  • New: Decoding of some USB 3.1 descriptors (untested)
  • New: Decoding of some Wireless USB 1.1 descriptors (untested)
V2.4.1 (19 Oct 2014)
  • Bugfix: Wrong 'USB 3.0 Companion Descriptor missing' error removed
  • Bugfix: Windows Version under Windows 8 and 10 correctly shown as NT 6.3 and 6.4
V2.4.0 (27 Aug 2014)
  • New: Decoding of MIDI descriptors (untested, feedback please)
  • New: Port icons with 'H' and 'S' if High or SuperSpeed device attached
V2.3.9 (24 Aug 2014)
  • Bugfix: Wrong Error message about number of frame descriptors when more than one Frame Based Format Type
  • Bugfix: Crash when 'Audio Control Feature Unit Descriptor' bControlSize is zero Descriptor
  • New: Decoding of bmaControls of 'Audio Control Feature Unit Descriptor'
V2.3.8 (9 July 2014)
  • Bugfix: USB Hub Descriptor's DeviceRemovable and PowerControlMask error shown wrong (Intel ICH6 and VirtualBox with 8 or more ports)
  • Bugfix: USB SuperSpeed Hub Descriptor's DeviceRemovable was decoded for all ports even the USB3 spec states a maximum of 15 ports
  • Bugfix: USB SuperSpeed Hub Descriptor's PowerControlMask was decoded even it does no more exist
  • Bugfix: USB Hub Descriptor's wHubCharacteristics "TT Think Time" decoded wrong
V2.3.7 (25 May 2014)
  • Bugfix: Damaged display when window is resized from top or left
  • New: Safely removed devices get a green "SR" icon instead of the yellow error icon
  • Bugfix: Configuration Descriptor's bmAttributes Bit7 decoded wrong
  • Bugfix: If a device's Address value is not found then it was shown as '0', now as '-'
  • New: All string descriptors shown in a separate section
  • New: Hexdumps with ASCII
  • New: Can save report for selected device only
  • Bugfix: Crash with some USB over network products
  • Bugfix: Crash when configuration descriptor fails to be read
  • Bugfix: Device Descriptor was called Device Qualifier Descriptor and a Device Qualifier Descriptor was not decoded
  • Bugfix: Font color setting had no effect
V2.3.0 V2.2.1
  • Bugfix: V2.2.0 worked under Windows 7 and 8 only
  • New: Shows some more device properties
  • New: Can show the Windows device properties dialog
  • Bugfix: Crash on USB-Hubs with more than 16 Ports
  • New: Commandline parameter for writing a report, e.g. /R:U:\UsbTreeView-Report.txt
  • Bugfix: Crash when saving report to 'long' path
  • Bugfix: Decoding of SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion Descriptors was done only for MSC devices
  • Bugfix: Decoding of bmAttributes in USB 2.0 Extension Descriptor was wrong
  • Bugfix: Crash on decoding USB3 standard hubs
  • Bugfix: some format glitches on USB3 standard hubs
  • New: Can write a report
  • New: Improved device names in the treeview
  • Bugfix: V2.1.3 switched back to the default font
  • Bugfix: V2.1.2 always showed wrong error for the device's Address property
  • Bugfix: Workaround for font problem
  • Bugfix: Windows 'app key' (or Shift+F10) opened the context menu in the wrong position
  • Bugfix: Crash on root-hubs which are not a child device of the host controller
  • Decoding of USB Video Class (UVC) 1.1 descriptors
  • Toolbar with jump-lists for easily finding devices in complex trees
  • Driveletters, COM-Ports or extended device names shown in the device tree
  • Bugfix: Multiple volumes per disk not shown correctly
  • Bugfix: String descriptors which are referenced more than once was shown multiple times each
  • Bugfix: Crash on complex descriptors
  • USB enumeration rewritten; faster and independent from the treeview
  • Port restart
  • Extended host controller information
  • Some failed USB requests are re-tried in the background, e.g. for mouses
  • nearly flicker free refresh and resize
  • lots of minor improvements
  • More USB information
  • Extended USB information available under Windows 8
  • Rearranged the text output
  • Some minor improvements
  • keeps tree item selection over refresh
  • shows driver version and date, custom font and color for the right pane, removed some redundant information
  • device safe removal and restart, saves window position
  • workaround for TI root hubs
  • minor fixes
  • shows some more information about USB 3.0 devices
  • works with Windows 2000 again
  • first published version


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