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  Selfmade Software
USBDLM USB Drive Letter Manager with USB Drive Info
ComPortMan COM-Port Manager with COM Port Info
UsbTreeView USB Device Tree Viewer
Drive Tools Commandline tools for "Safe Removal", Eject, ReMount and others
File Tools Copy and compare files, find duplicates by commandline
Miscellaneous Tools Cleanup and other system tools
ButtonBar a remake of the toolbar shipped with the MS-Office 16bit
MCI-Browser A simple audio and video player
DOSFon better fonts for DOS-Box and a replacement for Fixedsys
UMBPCI c't magazine's hardware UMB-driver for DOS and Win9x
NT Cache Setter Limit the size of the file cache of Windows NT, 2000 and XP
MScope Software for multimeter Metex M36xx and M46xx
Tools Misc Tools

  Tips, Tricks, Infos
USB Pen Drives

Under Windows XP USB Pen Drives are slower than under Windows 2000. Removing from the system need lots of annoying mouse clicks and they don't work under NT4 and DOS. All this can be solved:
Tips for USB Pen Drives

  My (old) collection of utilities for DOS und Windows