ClpSendChar - Pastes Text from Clipboard to Java Applets
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Normally it's not possible to paste text from Windows clipboard to a textbox of a Java Applet. But it works to send single chars by WM_CHAR messages.
That's what ClpSendChar does. When it starts it grabs the text from the Windows clipboard and then it sends the text char by char using WM_CHAR messages to the active text control.
When you start ClpSendChar the cursor must be in the target. That's why you cannot start it thru the Windows Start menu because it doesn't activate the program that was active before.
But you can create a link to ClpSendChar and define a hotkey there like Ctrl+Alt+V. Then you can use Ctrl+Alt+V to paste text from Clipboard to a Java Applet.

With my program ButtonBar it works always. Here you can define a hotkey too but you can use a button or a menu item too because ButtonBar always reactivates the program that was active before.


  Conditions and Download
ClpSendChar is Freeware.


The VB6 Runtimes are required (comes with IE5, Win98SE, ME, NT4 SP5+ and Win2000).


last change: March 29, 2000

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