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  NewDOS_F for 25 Lines
The file NewDOS_F.FON contains 12 fonts for the DOS-Box with codepage 437 (865 is availlable too, 850 partly and 852 comes soon). They are made for a nearly fullscreen DOS-Box in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200. For each resolution there are two or three fonts - for DOS-Boxes with and without a toolbar and with Windows Taskbar visible or not.

For 640x480: 8x17 and 8x18

NewDOS_F.FON 8x18

For 800x600: 10x22 and 10x23

NewDOS_F.FON 10x23

For 1024x768: 12x27, 12x28 and 12x29

NewDOS_F.FON 12x29

For 1152x864: 14x32 and 14x33

NewDOS_F.FON 14x32

For 1280x960 and 1280x1024: 16x36, 16x37 and 16x38, 16x39

NewDOS_F.FON 14x32

For 1600x1200: 20x44, 20x45 and 20x46

NewDOS_F.FON 20x45

  NewDOS_5 for 50 Lines

For 640x480: 8x8 and 8x9 

NewDOS_5.FON 8x9

For 800x600: 10x11

NewDOS_5.FON 10x11

For 1024x768: 12x14

NewDOS_5.FON 12x14

For 1152x864: 14x16

NewDOS_5.FON 14x16
  Availability of the Codepages

The Standard Fonts:

Screen Res. Font Matrix CP 437 CP 737 CP 850 CP 852 CP 862 CP 865
640x480+ 8x13 x - x - - x
800x600+ 9x16 x - x x - x
800x600+ 10x19 x - x x x x
1024x768+ 12x23 x x x x - x

Fullscreen Fonts for DOS Boxes with 25 Lines:

Screen Res. Font Matrix CP 437 CP 737 CP 850 CP 852 CP 862 CP 865
640x480 8x17, 8x18 x - x x - x
800x600 10x22, 10x23 x - x x - x
1024x768 12x27, 12x28, 12x29 x - x x - x
1152x864 14x32, 14x33 x - x x - x
1280x960, 1280x1024 16x36, 16x37, 16x38, 16x39 x - x - - x
1600x1200 20x44, 20x45, 20x46 x - x - - -

Fullscreen Fonts for DOS Boxes with 50 Lines:

Screen Res. Font Matrix CP 437 CP 737 CP 850 CP 852 CP 862 CP 865
640x480 8x8, 8x9 x - x - - x
800x600 10x11 x - x - - x
1024x768 12x14 x - x - - x
1152x864 14x16 x - - - - -
1280x960, 1280x1024 16x18, 16x19 - - - - - -


The fonts in New--X.FON and DOSLike.FON are freeware for private use only. You are free to use, copy and distribute DOSFON.ZIP for noncommercial or educational usage as long as DOSFON.ZIP and the files in it are unmodified.

For use in a commercial environment you need a licence for each computer the fonts are used on, including clients of terminal servers.
That gives you additional OEM-fonts for nearly fullscreen DOS-Boxes in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x786, 1152x864, 1280x960, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200:

You can buy it online trough KAGI with your Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Postal Money Order or Cash:

Secure SSL link:

I'll email the font then.


One licence is for usage on one single computer. Eeach client of client of a terminal server needs a licence too.

Definition of site and world-wide licence:

A Site License allows anyone in the organization making the purchase, within a 160 km (100 mile) radius of the purchasing location, to use the software. This includes people from that organization location who are travelling but it does not include people with locations outside of the 160 km radius.

A World-Wide License allows anyone in the organization making the purchase, who is on the planet Earth including the near orbit including the moon, to use the software. An additional World-Wide License would be required for other planets. :-)

1x licence $9 (USD)
10x licence $45
100x licence $200
site licence $450
additional site licence $200
world-wide licence $2250

VAT is charged depending your country can be skipped by having a VAT ID number.

All updates and new Codepages are free as soon I made them.

All licences are suitable for redistribution / integration with other software that is selled for at least the price of a single DOSFon licence.


last change: 2nd Jan. 2005
last review: 22nd Sept. 2005

Uwe Sieber