MScope 1.08 - Long-Term-Oscilloscope for Metex M36xx and maybe M38xx, M46xx, ME-11

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I did not like the software provided with the Metex M3640D, and therefore, back in 1997, made a new program which suited me much better. It records one measurement over a period of up to 24 hours, and can manage, store and load up to records.
The results can all be printed and copied into the Windows clipboard using resource-saving metafile graphics, and thus exported easily to other applications.

It should work with device which use the "Metex 14 Byte Polling Interface", see here:
Available models (2017) are the UNI-T UT61B and the Radio Shack 22-805..

Anyone who has Corel Draw can install the font 'LCD' and so produce an attractive-looking LCD-like display. Otherwise, the font Arial will be used.

The software is made for my M3640D but may work with similar Metex meters as M38xx, M46xx, ME-11 and of course the same devices sold under different brands, e.g. the RadioShack 22-805.

Here are examples of three curves for rechargeable Mignon batteries discharging into a 1.5V filament lamp. Cyan is a new NiMH cell, Red is a really old 1200mAh NiMH, and Green is an even older 500mAh NC cell.

MScope Screenshot

And this is how printed and copied graphics should appear (reduced scale):

MScope Clipboard Copy (WMF)


This program is freeware.


V1.01 (26th July 2000):
- Bugfix: Runtime error 50003 removed
- Bugfix: Autoscale in negative range now works 

V1.04 (23th March 2004):
- Bugfix: Files always saved with dot as decimal, loading works with dot and komma
- Bugfix: graphic in clipboard not cropped
- New: Files saved with semikolon as column mark - better for Excel import

V1.06 (29th May 2010):
- New: Compiled with VB6, so no more extra runtimes needed under Win2000, XP and higher
- New: No more OCX required
- New: Some right border when printing

V1.07 (30th Aug 2010):
- Bugfix: Crash on print or clipboard copy using high display resolution
- New: Font size for printing and copy to clipboard reduced

V1.08 (9th Feb 2014):
- New: Instead of COM1..4 any available port can be selected


Under Win9x you might need the VB6 Runtimes.

The source code is not in shape for publishing but maybe it's useful for someone:

Here are interesting information (in German) about programming software for METEX DMMs:

A german 'how to' for making the connection cable: 



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