USB Drive Info V5.5.8

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USB Drive Info belongs natively to USBDLM, but is handy standalone too.
  • Three views with Volumes, Drives and connection types (BusTypes)
  • Optional view of non-USB drives (Options -> Show Non-USB-Drives)
  • "Safely remove hardware" and "Media ejection"
  • Restart devices to revive it after "safe removal"
  • Reset USB ports
  • Drive letters removal, assignment, change and swap (if started with admin privileges)
  • VHDs attach, detach and compact


Here we have a card-reader, a four-slot card-reader and two USB flash drives:


  Conditions and Download

Download latest release:

UsbDriveInfo is Freeware.
- usage in any environment, including commercial
- include in software products, including commercial
- include on CD/DVD of computer magazines
- distribution by means of packet managers  
Not allowed:
- modify any of the files
- offer for download by means of a "downloader" software

I don't ask for donations but some users insist, so:



  List USB Drives

ListUsbDrives ist der Vorgänger von UsbDriveInfo, es ist eine Konsolen-Anwendung, vielleicht nützlich für Scripte.
Um nicht-USB-Laufwerke zu zeichen Parameter -a übergeben.

Download aktuelle Version:

ListUsbDrives ist Freeware.




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