VESASav - Screensaver for Win31/95/98 with power management
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VESASav is a simple screensaver that turns the screen simply to black and activates later (or immediately) the suspend, stanby or off mode.

On some monitors with two video inputs you can switch easily between them using VESASav: The most monitors switch automatically when the old video source go to standy for a moment and the new source is already in active.

Simply set the time for standby to 0 minutes and start VESASav with
vesasav.scr /s

If this concerns switching to a Voodoo-Card, I've a better solution: Off5s scans all 5 seconds for a active window with a titlebar listed in off5s.ini
When it finds one it activates the suspendmode for 5 seconds. To find the correct titlebar I made the Titlebar Logger (tblog.exe - included in


  Conditions and Download
VESASav and Off5s are Freeware.

Unzip the files to the Windows System-Folder.


The VBRUN300.DLL is required! 

Here are small DOS programs that test the standby, suspend and off mode using the VGA-BIOS in the same way as the screensaver:

Meanwhile there is a better screensaver, made by Daniel Marczisovszky. Because his old site is down, I made his saver available for dowload here:


last change: June 9, 2000

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